What to Expect

The best author a card could ever have is you.

We know that in our world of text messaging and e-mails, taking the time to select, purchase, and write in a card means more than ever. When we receive something hand-written, the medium is already so much of the message.

But what about when you don't know
how to write what's on your heart?

Whether you're having trouble putting how happy you are for a loved one into words, trying to balance sincerity with professionalism while thanking a business associate, or just don't know how to say anything after "Happy Birthday" that escapes the cliché - we are here to help.

With every prompt we offer, we encourage you to add your own spin.
We don't want to tell you what to say.
If we thought that was how a card should be, we would print our messages inside.

Pen and Paper exists to give your mind a jump
start on writing the sentiments you already feel.

Check back for updates and advice on the basics of correspondence and commemoration from seasoned writers and professionals who have been making connections through their writing for years.

Don't hesitate to send things back our way, either. We would love to hear about any time Irene West cards play an important role in a treasured memory. We can't wait to be a part of your stories.

So what should you expect? Expect that whenever you need guidance on when to send a card and what to write inside, Irene West Paper Co. is here to help.