Our Name

Irene West Paper Co. is owned and operated by the two of us, Lawson and Lindsey. Irene and West are the middle names we each inherited from our grandparents. Our families' care, compassion, integrity, perseverance, bravery, and fierce love for others have shaped everything about our lives. Our story is a continuation of their story.

OUR journey

We fell in love deep in the heart of Texas and decided to make it official shortly thereafter. We spent a year apart before the wedding, talking on the phone every night, and sending cards back and forth across the peaks and the valleys. We moved to Nashville, away from both of our families, and made a home together for the first time.

With family celebrations coming and going a thousand miles away, every occasion needed a card. And none of them fit.

Regardless of occasion, cards seemed so binary. Card for a man? Beer and football. Card for a woman? Flowers and glitter.

We saw a need and decided to fill it.

We created a Kickstarter to share our vision and, with the support of an amazing group of backers, got to work.

masculine greeting card printing.jpg

OUR vision

Greeting cards that put design over sentiment. Cards that take gender out of the equation. Cards timeless enough for professionals, but with a style too authentic to be corporate. Cards that show you care, but that give you the canvas to say how much.

Cards as sharp and straightforward as the people who use them.

Our values

All our cards are printed on fully-recyclable, carbon neutral, and completely tree free paper.
We make sure that as much care goes into sourcing these cards as what you're writing inside.


Tree Free

Fully Recyclable

Carbon Neutral

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